Luchea's Psychic World first opened it's doors in 1974 and was the first metaphysical store of its kind in Dallas, Texas. Luchea had a lifelong gift of helping friends and colleagues with their personal challenges by using her spiritual intuition along with her favorite tarot cards to advise them. She was so good at this that soon strangers began contacting her for help. When demand became too much to give readings at her home, our little pink shop on Ft. Worth Avenue opened it's doors. "The Shop" as it came to be known was located in the heart of Dallas and carried items for every subject matter from Astrology to Zen. Luchea passed on to the other side in 2000 after reading for hundreds of thousands of devoted followers. Since closing the store front after 30+ years, we are now offering our products over the internet so that we are reachable to all our customers over the world. We are still proud to offer our own anointing oils, incense and bath washes under our "Magical Garden™" collection. We have a full line of products for all your metaphysical, occult and spiritual needs so please visit our store. Luchea taught her daughters how to read and advise so Tarot Card readings are still available along with spell work for Love, Money, Health, Success and more. We look forward to doing business with you. If you don't see something in our store, just ask us. We may be able to order it for you. We remain your one stop shop.