After successfully anointing and dressing your candle, the next step is to pay close attention to the important messages that you observe in the flame. Here are some meanings and tips on how your candle spell or ritual is going by observing the flame.

Burning Bright, Clean, Strong and Steady:
This is how you want all of your candles to burn.  An indication that the spell or ritual is going well. It indicates strong thoughts and influences are working in a positive way for you and your end results will work out. If you are burning a 7 or 14 day jar candle or any candle in a glass jar, look at the glass as your candle is burning. If  the glass is clean with little or no trace of the wax or black soot, then your spell or ritual is burning clean too. If you see some wax and/or black soot, there is some negativity around. If you can do this without getting burned, get a tissue and wipe the wax and/or soot away to wipe away that negativity.

Unsteady (Moving Erratically), Low flame and/or a lot of Black Soot rising from tip of Flame:
This typically means that there is a lot of negative influences present and that your spell or ritual is being met with some resistance by the person or situation to whom it was intended. This person may be unconsciously aware of your actions and may be resisting the spell. This is the time to give your candle attention with more positive thought and prayer. Put the candle flame out, let the wax dry and re anoint with oil and reconfirm your desires then light the candle again.

Flame Sparks and/or Flame dies:
This is never a good sign and the spell or ritual should be abandoned as soon as possible...for the time being. There could be something wrong with what you are asking from the universe as it may be an unrealistic request. Make sure that what you are asking for is an attainable goal. Wait a few days to clear your mind and atmosphere and perform a new spell or ritual

Good Luck to you and remember...Thoughts are things! If you can can Realize!