Pen Quill Set-No Nibs Included

Pen Quill Set-No Nibs Included

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A Luchea's Psychic World Best Seller! 

One dozen 10"-12" natural feathers to use for authentic writing of your spells and rituals. Assorted Colors (no color choice-limited to colors that are in  stock). Feathers DO NOT come with a nib and will need to be cut to be used as an authentic pen for spell writing. They make a great addition to your spell and ritual writings. Included in package are do it yourself instructions (also see below) on how to cut a nib on the quill to make your pen: 


Cut the tip of the quill off, along a diagonal. You may want to make some additional cuts, one long but very shallow and the other, closer to the tip, shorter and a little deeper. You now have a tip that comes to a rounded point. Split the point with your knife, and carve out fingernail slivers on either side of the tip to exaggerate the point. It will look like the tip of a fountain pen - your quill is ready to use. 

Use with Dragon's Blood, Dove's Blood and/or Bat's Blood ink.